Mixed media art auctions have a lot to offer. Today I found several seriolithograph. I liked the
colors that the Polish artist Zamy Steynovitz used.

The fun part of mixed media art auctions is that you just never know what you’ll find. I found a
pebble art piece from the 1960’s that featured a bare-chested chariot driver cracking a whip. The
piece also had three horses. The medium of pebbles was very interesting.

Another interesting find while I was looking through mixed media art auctions was a mirrored wall
hanging that represents the Manhattan skyline. This piece was made before the destruction of the
World Trade Center buildings and they are represented in the piece.

Sometimes the medium used in mixed media art is the same as other categories of art. I found a nice
acrylic painting in a mixed media art auction that was unusual because of its subject. The artist
painted a red sea dragon with a lovely woman. I learned that the artist was influenced by Salvador
Dali, HP Lovecraft and his love of the game Dungeons and Dragons.

I found a really pretty 3-D art collage shadowbox while I was looking through the mixed media art
auctions. The title of the piece was True Confessions of a Mermaid Gone Bad. The piece was listed
as professionally framed art with glass in yellow stained wood.

Mixed media art auctions bring so many different artistic styles to light. I found a Scandinavian
inspired design of two peacocks on a hand stitched wall hanging. The piece was surrounded by a
decorative border and the frame was reported to be in great condition.

Sometimes the mixed media art auctions include artistic things like hand made cards. I found an
artist that lists auctions of greeting card collages. The ones that I was looking at used vintage
images, ink and extremely decorative paper.

There was an item of art that came up in my searches of mixed media art auctions that I really liked.
It was listed as a beautiful abstract tin art. It was actually quite impressive and was listed as
measuring two feet by two and a half feet. I think this would actually look great on my mother-in-
law’s wall.

So many of the paintings I found listed in the mixed media art auctions were just unusual versions of
mainstream subjects. I have found so many art auctions with poppies painted on canvas, but today I
found a white poppy painted in oil with a brilliant emerald green background. It was very striking
and I think that the contemporary feel to this piece came across very well.

I had never considered vintage maps to be art before I found them in the mixed media art auctions. I
guess when a map becomes antique and is no longer useful for its original intended purpose, it can
become art. I found a listing for battle maps that was very intriguing. This map would look good
framed and displayed with other war related memorabilia.

Mixed media art auctions really do have a lot of different kinds of art represented. I found an
artist with items listed whose medium is purses. She makes purses from cigar boxes and solders a
handle and various embellishments on the side. The purses are really quite delightful.